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Practical questions

I bought tickets in May. When will I receive them?

  • You will receive an email with your tickets and you will also be able to download them from My Account after 8 September 2017.
  • The receipt you received when you paid for the tickets is your proof of purchase.

What is a day package?

  • A day package is a ticket to all of the games played on a given day. In other words, you receive at least two and at most three tickets with a day package.

Do I save anything when I buy day packages?

  • You save up to 15% on single-game tickets when buying day packages.

Why should I buy day packages?

  • As with recent world championships, day packages are a product on offer. Single-game tickets will go on sale in 2018 (the exact date has yet to be determined) for the games that have not yet been sold out.

There are no more wheelchair seats. What can I do?

  • You can be placed on a waiting list should it become possible for the organizer to open more wheelchair seats at a later date.

Why are there no standing areas, as at past championships?

  • Unfortunately, standing areas are not an option with the setup at the IIHF 2018 World Championship.

Can I get a refund on my ticket purchase?

  • Ticket purchases are only refunded in the event of cancelled games.

I have already bought ’Follow your team – DEN’/Group game package/arena package, but I would like to have this refunded and buy day packages instead.

  • The respective phases of the ticket sales and products were published on 6 May 2017 at 2018.iihfworlds.com, where we have stated that we will not be offering refunds or make changes to the products that have been sold.

Will more ‘Follow your team – DEN’ packages be going on sale?

  • No. But you can still buy day packages for Denmark’s games.

Why aren’t any more ‘Follow Your Team DEN’ packages going on sale?

  • The ‘Follow your team’ packages are an exclusive product with only a limited number of packages made available.

I would like to buy PL4/PL1 tickets. How do I do so?

  • PL1 tickets are only offered as part of the World Championship Legends Hospitality programme and are therefore not for sale via the Ticketmaster platform. Information on the purchase of Legends Hospitality is available at nst@2018.iihfworlds.com.
  • PL4 is not currently for sale due to operational considerations. We are not at the moment able to say when PL4 will be going on sale.

Why can’t I choose my own seats and section – only the ticket category – when I try to buy tickets online?

  • We want to ensure that we can offer as many day packages as possible so that everyone who wants tickets gets them and that you have the same seat for all of the day’s games. That is why it is not possible to choose specific seats. But the system will always select the best available seats. If the system is unable to find the number of seats you want within the given category, it is because there are not enough seats together or there are no seats left.

Are there dedicated fan sections for each nation’s fans?

  • Yes. If you want to buy day packages for the fan sections, please contact the Ticketmaster customer service with your order.
  • As a rule, ‘Follow your team’ packages are only available in the fan sections.

Why can’t I buy day packages for the playoff games (quarterfinals, semi-finals, bronze medal game and the final)?

  • Day packages for the playoffs will go on sale on 3 November. If you can’t wait, you can already purchase the playoff package for the final games in Copenhagen.

Which products can I buy?

  • Day packages for the preliminary round games:
    • Ticket packages including a ticket for each of the games that is played on a given game day in the preliminary round.
  • ‘Follow your team’ packages for 15 of the 16 teams (‘Follow your team – DEN’ is already sold out):
    • Ticket packages containing one ticket to each of the given country’s seven preliminary round games.
  • Group package, preliminary round (Copenhagen):
    • Ticket package containing one ticket to each of the 28 preliminary matches played in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.
  • Group package, preliminary round (Herning):
    • Ticket package contains one ticket to each of the 28 preliminary round games played in the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning.
  • Playoff package:
    • Ticket package containing one ticket to each of the two quarterfinals, two semi-finals, bronze medal match and the final, which are to be played in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen
  • Arena pass (Copenhagen):
    • Ticket package containing one ticket to each of the 34 games to be played in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.
  • Arena pass (Herning):
    • Ticket package containing one ticket to each of the 30 games to be played in the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning.

The ‘Follow your team’ packages are available in limited numbers and only in the categories PL3, PL5, PL6 and PL7.

Day packages for the playoffs will go on sale on 3 November 2017.

Single-match tickets will be going on sale in 2018 (month and date yet to be determined) and only for the matches that are not sold out at the time.

I have an IIHF World Championship 2018 gift certificate – am I guaranteed a World Championship ticket?

  • No. A gift certificate is the same as money in hand. It can be used to buy World Championship tickets but does not mean that you have priority or that you are guaranteed a ticket.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?

  • You can buy up to 50 tickets (for example, a maximum of 25 day packages with two games per day. If you want to buy more than 50 tickets, please contact the Ticketmaster service centre (+45, 7015 6565).
  • The maximum number of tickets is intended to protect against credit card fraud.

I’m in a wheelchair – what are my options?

  • Wheelchair seats are priced according to ticket category PL5 in both arenas.
  • Wheelchair seats give access to a wheelchair user and a helper.
  • Wheelchair seats are purchased through the Ticketmaster service centre at +45 7015 6565.

Do the prices include the ticket fee?

  • The listed prices do not include the Ticketmaster ticket fee.
  • The ticket fee is DKK 25 per ticket, depending on the product and category; that is, the ticket fee on a day package for one day with two matches is 2 x DKK 25 = DKK 50.

Do children pay full price?

  • Children 3 years of age and under on the day of the game are free as long as they are sitting on an adult’s lap.
  • Children up to 13 years of age on the day of the game receive a 25% discount on tickets.
  • Note that there are limited numbers of children’s tickets for the games involving Denmark and Sweden as well as the playoff games.
  • Children must be able to document their age on the day of the game.

Fear of heights – what should I be aware of?

  • If you are considering the purchase of tickets in the upper level, please note that these seats are between 13–18 metres over the ice. Tickets can be changed (for a fee) to a different location and price range, but only if such seating is available.

How do I contact the Ticketmaster service centre?

  • Contact the Ticketmaster service centre at (+45 70 15 65 65) Monday–Friday 10am–5pm.
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